Our Staging Services…

Consultation and Proposal- $149.95

Your home staging makeover will begin with a walkthrough of your home, both inside & out, through the eyes of the buyer gathering the first impressions. Having a complete & thorough assessment of what can and should be done, you will receive a proposal based on the amount of work needed in order to gain a speedy sale and the highest dollar amount for your home. Should time permit, I will give you a quick demonstration of what staging can do for your home!

“Top Ten” Priority Report – $299.95

This customized report focuses on the ten most important things the seller should do right away to increase the value of their home and obtain a faster sale. Designed for homeowners that are already headed in the right direction but just need a little extra guidance to complete the look.

Half Day Home Staging or Redesign – $299.95

This service is for those homes that need a little extra attention and expertise or is less then 2000 square feet. Working from our 8-step Action Plan that we began in the Consultation, the focus will be to make dramatic transformations to the main areas of the home. Accessories will be brought in to complete the look of each room. Photos will be taken for your agents marketing efforts and to give you a visual of what could be purchased.

Full Day Home Staging or Redesign – $499.95

Recommended for homes that need a little extra attention and expertise or are over 2000 square feet.  Working from the 8-step Action Plan that we began in the consultation, a full day will make dramatic transformations to your home based on priority & effectiveness.  You won’t believe the difference a day can make!  You’ll walk away with a show-ready home, photos for your agents marketing efforts, and visuals of items you may want to purchase to complete the look.

New Listing OR Open House Staging Weekend (Includes Completed Action Plan)- $899.95

Perfect for the house that is just about to go on the market, have an Open House, or just needs extra TLC in order to make a great first impression!  Two full days will be spent prior to that weekend transforming your home into a buyers dream.   A detailed Action Plan will be given to the Home Seller to complete any remaining transformations at the end of the session.

Vacant or Model Home Staging:  Starting with a complimentary consultation at the property, St. Croix Staging will tailor a program to meet your needs.

Our Vacant or Model Home Staging Service Includes:
Consultation: Meeting with the realtor & the home seller, we brainstorm on who our market is and discuss which of our options best suit the home seller’s needs.
Furniture & accent planning: Based on decisions made at the consultation, St. Croix Staging will select the furnishings & accents to best market your property and obtain a quick sale.
Staging Day: St. Croix Staging coordinates the delivery of furniture to your home and spends the remaining time creating a home your buyers can aspire to.
Sold: Once the property is sold, St Croix Staging will coordinate the pick up & removal of furniture & accents. We spend the day destaging the property & meet the movers for the pick up of furniture & accents.

Commercial Real Estate Staging:  With a rising number of vacant office & retail properties available, it is just as important for this space to stand out over its competition in order to capture the buyer’s attention. St. Croix Staging offers complete project management involving the coordination of contractors along with color & material selection, as well as our staging services in order to appeal to a broader market share.

Shopping Service -$50/hr

Let St. Croix Staging take care of the final details! I will work within your budget to find the finishing touches needed to invest in the sale of your home.

Additional services available based upon the homes needs & the home sellers budget. For furniture rental or purchase options, please contact Jan directly.


Our Redesign Services…

Consultation and Proposal- $149.95

With our redesign makeover, we will begin with a walkthrough of your home, discussing what it is you like and do not like about how your home functions for you, and what items are of sentimental value that we should work in to our future plans. We will start with the color palette and work our way in to space planning with your furniture and figure out what we need to add or take away to get your home to function the way you need it to as well as give you a cohesive and tranquil feel when you walk in the door.


Our Mission
St. Croix Staging is committed not only to helping you obtain the highest dollar possible in the sale of your home, but also saving you time, money & energy by reducing the amount of time needed to market your home. By partnering with both you & your realtor, St. Croix Staging will advise you of changes & improvements to be made while still keeping your house a home.
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